Saturday, April 11, 2009

Green cleaning!!

I absolutely hated spending money on cleaning stuff, just to throw it away! It didn't really make any sense to me that cleaning something meant that garbage would have to be made! While I am sure that lots of people would yell at me to just use a broom, mop and dustpan, I really think that a Swiffer does a better job! It picks up those hairball looking things that a broom just sweeps around the floor! Therefore, I made my own swiffer products. While I am sure that the company does not enjoy people doing this (because they make a lot of money off of refills) I have been disposable-free for about a year~ and proud of it! I make a swiffer hand duster, one for the swiffer (regular style) duster and the wet jet! I have been using the same ones for about a year and they have plenty of life left in them! I hate to admit it but I actually enjoy cleaning with these new products!

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