Thursday, April 16, 2009

My upcycled doggie collar

My somewhat green weekend project! I have been looking at my doggie Izzy's old collar and have been pretty ashamed of it! I was cute back in the day (you know about 2 years ago!) but these days, it has been looking pretty shabby! The hearts have been coming off of it and it's a darker shade of pink, if you know what I mean! Here lies the problem though! As my husband points out we should just go to Walmart and buy another! However, I hate to throw it away only to make more junk and buy another wonderful product from my guess-China! Therefore, after I totally disassembled it, I had my little guy look through my stash of fabric and pick out one. Then, I covered the collar with the fabric and I think that it looks better than new! Have a looksy and the pics! It is an after and then a before! Kinda became backwards!

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