Saturday, June 27, 2009

New item this week coming up on my etsy shop! I have been selling these for a while at craft shows and I have been making these for myself for even longer! They are reversible hair bands/head bands, which ever you call them! I love them for not so great hair days or for wearing around the house. They can also help to make a nice accessory! They fit almost any size head, due to the elastic in the back! Did I mention that they are going to come at an introductory price? Keep your eyes open this week coming up! I love them and I think that they will be a hit!


  1. Very cute! I need to take some time and learn to sew more than a line or two.

    Your swifer stufff is much better than the washcloths I use.


  2. You have an amazing shop , and I like your Blog too, following you :)

  3. I bought your cool headband and I'm hoping it will fit my big head. I am also following your blog!