Friday, July 3, 2009

Slow week a la Etsy!

Boy, oh boy, things have been pretty slow in my shop for the past week! I'm hoping that it is going to pass soon! However, I have been having some extra time to craft this week! I have plenty of reusable dusters on hand and ready to go! I also have been working on my packaging and getting some new labels together!
Mom and I are going to be going to a craft show in my town on the 18th of July and hopefully I will have lots of goodies to sell at that event! I have even been making some new sandwich/snack bags! I have been using-testing them in my lunch for about 1/2 of a school year and it has withstood a lot! I also keep one in my car for when my little guy wants something to eat but it needs to be put in the bag! (you know, those wonderful groceries that you just paid for and we just CAN'T wait until we get home to eat!) I think that I will post some of them next week at a wonderful introductory price! Well, off to relax before the fireworks! Yeah, I know that it is the 3rd of July, but that is how my town does it! Oh well!! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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